About Us

Warm salty air, the smell of coconut sunscreen, and the cheerful laughter of children running through the waves are memories of the coastal life that nearly everyone enjoys. The tastes of the shore are just as special to the senses as people stroll on boardwalks, beaches, and lakesides enjoying their favorite treats. A & A Candy Company is proud to make one of the best known waterside treats --- Salt Water Taffy!

A & A Candy Company is one of the largest wholesalers of gourmet Salt Water Taffy in the United States. Made within steps of the famous Ocean City, Maryland beaches and even closer to boardwalk, we offer our retailers a product that can’t be beat. Our salt water taffy is made to order every day, year round, using the finest ingredients and antique machinery.

A & A is 100% family owned and operated by the Dolle family, Ocean City’s original candy makers, who have been making fresh, quality candies in the same location since 1910. We invite you to share in our tradition of selling the best Salt Water Taffy in USA!

The Difference

Many people believe that salt water taffy is a waxy, hard confection that is simply “tolerated”. Ours, however, is another story. Each batch is handcrafted with the same care as our grandfather gave in 1910. Molasses taffy is flavored with actual molasses, chocolate taffy with chocolate liquor, peppermint is made with the highest quality peppermint oil we can find. Each flavor, whether an old standby or new and trendy is of the utmost quality.

The other major difference is that we manufacture TRUE salt water taffy. Other taffy on the market is technically nougat, which is a corn syrup and sugar mixture mixed with egg whites. Our taffy is pulled in small batches to produce the signature “pull” that salt water taffy lovers know and love.

Custom Candy/Personalization

In addition to making our signature line of over 45 flavors, we are capable of working with customers to create unique and custom flavors. If your location is famous for a certain beverage, we can probably match it! If you are looking for a custom flavor mix of taffy, we can do that! The possibilities are endless.

The possibilities are also endless when it comes to packaging. We can wrap salt water taffy with customized paper, add personalized logos to stock packaging, and help with the creation of customized packaging.

With so many options to make our taffy your own, your customers will being knowing your business as having the best taffy in town!